Geriatric Care

Our mission is to keep our patients healthy and enjoying life with their families.

Geriatric Care from Great Falls Animal Hospital

We Make Sure Your Pet Ages Comfortably

Time flies when you are having fun with your pet. Wasn’t it just yesterday that you first brought home your puppy or kitten? You remember your pet being curious about his or her surroundings and going through the puppy or kitten “zoomies.” Now, however, you notice your pet has begun to slow down. The team at Great Falls Animal Hospital is here to help. We offer quality geriatric care that will help them age comfortably. We love pets of all ages and have a special place in our hearts for those that are aging and experiencing everything that comes along with it.

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Is My Pet Considered Geriatric?

Pets are considered geriatric after 8 to 12 years of age, depending on the size and breed. Small dogs and cats age more slowly and live longer than large dogs. As your pet ages, it is important to have checkups every six months. Many conditions are more common as your pet gets older. As your pets grow older, they are more prone to dental disease, heart conditions, and metabolic disturbances, such as kidney and liver disease.

Cats frequently develop hyperthyroidism and both dogs and cats often become arthritic. Blood tests, urinalysis, blood pressure checks, and sometimes radiographs (x-rays) are important to help detect problems early. Many of these conditions are either treatable or can be managed with proper diet and medication.

Caring for Older Pets

If your pet is slowing down or having difficulty moving, there are many things we can do to help maintain a better quality of life for both you and your pet. Please let our Great Falls geriatric veterinarians help you take care of your furry family members during their golden years.

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