Here are some valuable links as chosen by the hospital’s veterinarians:


Animal Poison Control
Step By Step Guide to Administering Subcutaneous Fluids to Your Pet
Pet CPR video by the AVMA
AAHA’s Health Pet website can help
Helpful video recognizing pets in pain
AVMA video on how to pic the right toy for your pet
Learn how to brush your pets teeth in this video
Anesthesia and Your Pet video by AVMA
Veterinary Partner has all kinds of information written by veterinarians, you can look up information about diseases, care of different species, and behavior issues.
Helpful video on how to give fluids under the skin to your pet at home.  Although this is directed towards our kitty friends, the information still applies to our canine buddies.
My pet needs a blood test.  What does this mean?  The AVMA has a video explanation.

GRIEF SUPPORT AND COUNSELING has links for you or your loved ones experiencing grief over the loss of a pet.  It also has good resources for helping children.
ASPCA Grief Counseling Line 877-474-3310.
Washington State University Pet Loss Support: 866-266-8635 Monday – Thursday 7PM – 9PM,  Saturday 1PM – 3PM.
The Ohio State University  Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement Website
University of Pennsylvania Grief Support
University of Florida Pet Loss Support
Tufts University Pet Loss Support Hotline