Halloween Tech Tip Special

Halloween is upon us! We all enjoy when our pets can join in the fun, but it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

First, know your pets; you may love seeing your Maltese as a princess, or your black cat as a bat, but they may not enjoy it. As a rule, most pets do not enjoy being dressed up. Know your pet, know how they will tolerate it. Start simple, maybe start with a shirt, work your way up to the cute hot dog costume you saw at the store for your dachshund. Don’t push them, if they resist don’t continue. If they get scared, take it off immediately. Signs they may not like the outfit; wide fearful eyes, tails tucked, or trying to run away from the outfit.

Second, candy is a complete no go. Some candy, as in some human food, will just cause a little upset stomach. Some diarrhea, maybe some vomiting. But some candies, like chocolate and sugar-free gum, can be deadly. If your pet gets into your candy stash call us for recommendations.

Third, keep an eye on your pet. There will be a lot of kids yelling and dressed oddly. Your doorbell will be ringing and frequently the door will open, exposing strangers. Your pet may get overwhelmed or scared. No one wants a pet to escape and get lost during such a busy night. Another thing to remember is even the friendliest pet can get scared by the cute kid in the Iron Man costume and potentially act out in a less than appealing manner. Keep in mind, they are not being mean, they are scared and trying to protect themselves and their pack (you). One recommendation is to keep them locked in another room, so there is no chance of them escaping, another is to keep them on a leash.

Lastly, make sure your dog is seen. If you take your dog with you to go door to door, ensure they are seen by drivers and other trick or treaters. There are blinking lights that can be attached to collars or you can wrap reflective tape around their collar. Don’t forget to always use a leash.

Have fun this Halloween and stay safe!