Clinical Trials

We participate in the final phase of clinical trials — everything has been proven safe by the time it reaches us. The final phase is the administering of the drug to real patients.

Clinical Trial Basics: A pharmaceutical company may be interested in bringing a product here to the United States that is already approved and used in other countries. When participating in this type of trial there is often a wealth of safety information and the decision to participate in the trial is pretty straight forward. Some trials give a test medication (investigational product) to all pets enrolled and some studies give the study medicine to a portion of the enrolled pets, leaving the other pets in the study to be given a placebo. Not every pet is eligible to enroll in a trial. In order to properly control and test a medication testing companies will detail what pets are able to participate; what pre-existing conditions the pet can and cannot have. They will also detail what other medications are permitted. This information is available as Inclusion and Exclusion criteria.

Most trials offer free exams, bloodwork and medications. In exchange, owners who participate are expected to bring their pet in for re-checks at specified times and may be asked to fill out an owner logbook.

Current Clinical Trials

We are currently not running any clinical trials.