Cat Adoption

Our mission is to keep our patients healthy and enjoying life with their families.

Cat Adoption

Since it’s inception in January of 1992 the GFAH Cat Adoption program has found new homes for over 1300 cats and kittens. We love seeing our adoptees in their loving homes and hearing stories of their antics during their annual visits. We have former adoptees that live all over the world from Switzerland to Namibia. We would love to have you meet our newest members and perhaps open your hearts and homes to them.

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What are the Benefits of Adopting a Cat?

There are numerous benefits to owning a cat, and we proudly support those who choose to adopt or rescue. Cats are great pets for companionship and are typically lower-maintenance than dogs.

List of ways that a cat adds benefit to your list:

  • Overall Health. Having a cat companion often leads to lower stress and anxiety, a relaxed mood, better sleep, and more.
  • Saving a life. When you rescue a cat, you're giving that animal a real shot at a home.
  • Improving children's resistance to asthma. Research shows that cats in the house when children are young can help minimize a person's allergies.
  • Excellent Apartment Dwellers. Cats are generally low-maintenance, so they are ideal in an apartment setting.

There are many ways that adopting a cat can benefit your life, so contact Great Falls Animal Hospital to set up an appointment for your new family member.

The Right Choice for Your Beloved Pet

  • Five Decades of Care

    When experience matters choose a veterinary hospital that is backed by more than 50 years of experience. We're here to combine our experience and compassion to care for your beloved pet.

  • Many Payment Options

    We know how stressful and expensive it can be when your pet is sick. We truly care about your pet's health, let us work with you to find the best payment option for your pet's visit.

  • Our Mission for Your Pet

    We are guided by the common understanding that the hospital’s foremost mission is to keep our patients healthy and enjoying life with their families.

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Real Stories from Real Owners

  • “I have never been disappointed.”

    - Barbara F.
  • “The care is superb”

    - Nelson P.
  • “She was handled gently and professionally.”

    - Jessie R.