Clippers or Dremel for Your Dog's Nail Trim?

Clippers or Dremel?

There are two main tools you can use to trim nails – traditional clippers, or a nail grinder such as a Dremel. Clippers are useful for taking off large portions of the nail at once, so if your dog as short quicks and long nails, using clippers can save you some time. They also leave the edges of the nail slightly sharp. Remember to only use nail clippers designed for dogs, not human nail clippers. Pet nail clippers are designed to fit the natural oval shape of a dog’s nails.

The nail takes twice as long to grow back when it’s trimmed by a nail grinder. They tend to leave the ends of the nail smooth and round. Dogs may need to be desensitized to the noisy sound the Dremel makes when it’s turned on. Another thing to keep in mind when using a Dremel is that it gets hot quickly because of the high-speed spinning, so only hold it against your dog’s nail for a few moments at most each time.