Medical Boarding

We know boarding can cause anxiety for both you and your pet, especially if your pet has special needs or requires a little extra TLC. For this reason, we offer medical boarding.

We can tailor our medical boarding program to meet the individual pet’s needs and offer different amenities to help your pet feel more comfortable.

Why use our medical boarding?

  • We board dogs AND cats!
  • Individualized attention. Whether your pet has medical, physical, or emotional challenges, we can meet the needs of almost any pet.
  • Soothing atmosphere. We board fewer animals at once. This means your pet will have a calmer experience with us.
  • Extra walks. We’ll take your pet on a walk five times a day.
  • Care from a veterinarian. A vet will check on your pet every day and will oversee your pet’s prescriptions.
  • Physical accommodations. For our older boarders, and those who need it, we have raised beds, fluffy bedding, and raised bowls.
  • Music for pet anxiety. If your pet is the nervous or anxious type we offer Through a Dog’s Ear for both cats and dogs which is calming music that is specially for pet anxiety.
  • Cats and dogs housed separately. We want to make sure both our feline and our canine friends have the best experience.
  • Feline pheromones. We use feline pheromones to help with additional calming.


          Give us a call to learn more about our medical boarding and to schedule your pet’s stay with us!