Meet Our Vet Techs

<p>Veterinary nurses provide many important services to our patients including: pre- and post-surgical care, monitoring symptoms, administering medications, alerting the doctors to any problems, and giving lots of hugs to frightened animals.</p><!–mep-nl–>


Denise Sanchez, L.V.T.

I started working at GFAH in fall of 2000 as a veterinary assistant. In 2002 I graduated from NOVA and became a licensed veterinary technician. I currently live in Manassas with my husband, Juan, who used to work here as a receptionist. We have two cats, both adopted through here, named Eli (yes, named after Eli Manning, go Giants), and Peyton, and a French bulldog, Cooper. We have all the Manning brothers.

When not working I’m probably traveling.  My goal is to see all 50 states.  Each year we try to see at least one new state.  I’ve been to Guatemala twice, with hopes of going more, to help the local people achieve better living conditions.


Beth Lannon, L.V.T.

I joined Great Falls Animal Hospital in April, 2000.  I worked as a Veterinary Assistant for five years before deciding to go back to school and get my Technician’s License.  Prior to GFAH I spent sixteen years working with computers in “corporate America.”  I have a degree in computer programming.  In the 70’s I was a social worker for a government agency.

In 2012 I got my license to rehab wildlife in Virginia.  This can be a very rewarding job or extremely frustrating because well-meaning people frequently think baby animals are orphaned and in reed of rescuing.  I can’t stress enough that baby birds, squirrels, bunnies, etc. frequently leave their nest before they are ready to be on their own.  It is usually better to leave them alone as the parents do a much better job at raising animal babies than people.  Rehabbers quickly become overwhelmed with trying to care for the 100’s of babies rescued by the public.  If you are interested in learning more about wildlife I suggest joining the Wildlife Rescue League of Northern Virginia.

My desire to help in time of crisis led me to join several animal rescue groups, including the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) outreach program fro Veterinary Technicians, the National Veterinary Response Team, and The Veterinary Medical Response Team.  The most memorable adventure of my life was going to Louisiana where I helped provide medical treatment for the thousands of displaced animals from Hurricane Katrina.

I live with my two cats, Sam and Rosie (adopted through GFAH’s adoption program) in Reston, VA.